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Future Spaces Vision Lab

We are an interdisciplinary group based in Shenzhen at SUSTech School of Design currently focusing on Intangible Human-Environment Interactions and their influence on stress levels, human perceptions, and brain activity. Our research  targets brain responses to intangible environmental stimuli coming from different fields of vision within built environments. 

more info coming soon! stay tuned!

We are looking for new members! please get in touch with Mirna if you are interested!


Immersive High-Density


Chen Junpai , Yang Yunan, Piet Maree,  Zhu Jiaxin


Piet Maree, Chen Junpai , Yang Yunan,  Xiang Qiuya, Xue Yuting, Lin Shenrujun, Chen Chuisong

Silver Spaces.

Design for the Aging Society


Zhang Xi

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