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A project by Future Spaces Vision Lab

School of Design SUSTech​

Team Leader

Mirna Zordan

Team members

陈垂松CHEN Chuisong, 黄菁菲HUANG Jingfei, 林沈如君LIN Shenrujun, 项湫涯XIANG Qiuya, 薛玉婷XUE Yuting, 杨榆楠YANG Yunan, 张汐ZHANG Xi

Brain Visions  脑·视  is live at Nanshan Museum, Exhibition Hall 4, 3rd floor

4.27-5.19 深圳设计周 

looking at #ourcities with #brains

Our perceptions of urban environments often occur in an instant, and the interaction between people and urban environments quietly unfolds in a repetitive cycle of vision-brain-cognition. Brain Visions focuses on the intangible interactions between people and the environment in young, high-density cities like Shenzhen, allowing us to see spatial interactions that are crucial for the brain to process environmental information but are not directly perceptible to the human eye.

Emerging technologies like EEG (electroencephalography) use data visualization to display the interactions between people and spaces, as well as the complex systems of spaces, showing how the visual stimuli from perceived architectural environments affect the brain’s processing of cognitive load and stress levels, helping us to better understand the human brain’s response to architecture and urban environments.


Tell me what you see.

Your brain sees much more than your eyes.

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Shenzhen Design Week - Exhibition opening 

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